Regular Camera GKB 8605
GKB 8605
600TVL Digital Wide Dynamic Box CameraGKB 8605 is a high resolution camera for use in indoor or outdoor (housing required) surveillance systems. Equipped with Sony Super-Had CCD II, presents lower Lux illumination and clear/crispy picture. Optional IR-Cut Filter and other important value-added functions (3DNR, HSBLC, D-WDR, Sens-Up, Motion Detection, Privacy Zone...etc) are suitable for 24/7 surveillance.FEATURES:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3DNR (3D Digital Noise Reduction)Embendded with3DNR (3Digital Noice Reduction) technology, produce extremely clear picture quality event under low-light condition for 24/7 surveillance.HSBLC (Highlight Suppression BLC)64 selectable areas for highlight suppression BLC, helps the camera cut off strong light to capture distinct picture.D-WDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range)D-WDR improves the contrast between low and high lightning areas, presents a clear image even under very strong contrast environment.Wide range of AWBThe automatic White Balance provides an extensive range color temperature control that covers from 2,000`K to 20.000`K generating natural color image without being red or blue in varrying light conditions.256x Sens-upSens-Up function up to 256X, allows the camera can display the bright image even extreme darkness.Digital Zoom (X1~X32)The screnn can be digitally zoomed with provided OSD control form 1X to 32X.