Bullet IR Camera GKB 2708
GKB 2708
Long Range Weatherproof camera with IR and Varifocal LensGKB 2708 is a High resolution analog camera with build-in infrared and tough weatherproof metal housing for use in outdoor surveillance systems. GKB 2708 features easy adjustment for preferred focus and firm hidden-cable bracket for stronger protectionFEATURES:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------HIdden-cable BracketGKB 2708 is equiooed with hidden-cable bracket to hide cord within metal bracket to prevent external force of destruction and to offer better protection.Anti-fog HeaterThere are four anti-fog heaters located around the lens help preventing fog & humidity stay on the front glass, it can also prevent the lens to be frozen in extremely cold weather.New Generation outer focus controlMagnet outer focus control is one of GKB"s most well known technologies. GKB 2708 features with a new generation outer focus control, it is more precise and user-friendlyIR Range 80M~100MGKB 2708 features with 60 IR LEDs and latest Sony high sensitivity CCD, The IR radiancebdistance can reach 80M~100M even in outdoor environmet.Lightning ProofThe special Lightening Proof insulator between the camera and the bracket is to prevent the camera from being damaged when lightning strikes on the wall or utility pole where the camera is installed on.DIP Switches & Video Test OutputGKB 2708 features DIP swithces & video Test Output to help installers adjust the camera fuction according to the environment needs, and to help installers to finish all the cabling job before adjusting the focus and view angle