GKB R1607T
960H Digital VIdeo Recorder16-Channel Di H.264 Main Profile with outstanding qualityGKB R1607T is 960H/D1 half-realtime digital video/audio recorders are designed for use within a surveillance system and are a combination of a hard disk recorder, a video multiplexer, and a web server. To achieve the highest inter-connectivity and inter-operability, this series of digital video/audio recorders are all based on industry-leading front-end to back-end surveillance infrastructure..FEATURES:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------‧H.264 High Video Compression
GKB R1607T features advanced H.264 video compression
for superior video resolution. The main profile high
compression ratio of H.264 consumes decompression with
configurable quality.

‧Push Alarm Notification
Push alarm allows the administrator to set notification
(email & push alarm) related parameters. E-mail/Push
alarm notification will send to stationary or POP-up in
mobile devices when the alarm triggered.

‧Recording and Playback Capabilities
GKB R1607T with max record capabilities –
Full-D1: up to 360/300IPS, Half-D1/CIF: up to 480/400IPS,
960H: 240/200FPS
Max playback capabilities–
Full-D1: up to 360/300IPS, Half-D1/CIF: up to 480/400IPS,
960H: 240/200FPS

‧POS System
GKB R1607T provide users connect the RS-485 connector to
POS system via the appropriate cable. The system supports
various POS systems.

‧960H Resolution
GKB R1607T provides the user with a wide choice of
image quality. Real time live display is also available for
all cameras

‧HEM Management
GKB R1607T HEM(CMS) software allow user to manage
up to 10 sets DVR/160PCs Cameras and support account
access to same DVR.

‧Smart Search
GKB R1607T provides smart search display, easily search
missing/foreign object by log. Please note that the
playback can walk across all the (up to 500 per record
partition) matched files. It’s not necessary for the user to
repeat the process of Smart Search & Playback just for a
single file.

‧Ethernet and USB 3G dongle
GKB R1607T Ethernet and USB 3G dongle support for
remote access through I.E. or proprietary remote
software, e-mail alarm notification, FTP file storage,
remote setup and software upgrade.