4-Channel D1 H.264 Digital Video Recorder with POS & GPS support ( HDMI )GKB R407A is a standalone Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Which bulid-in HDMI & VGA for in residential & retail surveillance installation. Live stream video provides high quality real time images. The DVR support up to 3TB/HDD, for extended recording time. POS support makes this DVR ideal for reatail & hospitality applications.FEATURES:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------H.264 High Vision Compression
GKB R407A features advanced H.264 video compression for superior video solution. The main profile high compression ratio of H.264 consumes less HDD space than baseline profile of H.264 video.

3D De-interlace
Live stream video is enhanced by the 3D De-interface function, proving high quality images.

3G/GPRS Mobile Phone Surveillance
GKB R407A provides remote surveillance with 3G/GPRS mobile phone or PDA phone, without additional software.

Recording Capabilities
Full-D1; up to 120/100FPS, Half-D1: up to 120/100 FPS, CIF 120/100 FPS.

Full D1 Resolution
GKB R407A provides full D1 resolution for record or playback. THis provides the user with a wide choice of image quality. Real time live display also available for all cameras.

Hyper Interactive E-Map
GKB R407A features a Hyper function, allowing users to customize E-Map and E-map objects to fulfill customized needs. it provides multi-task managerial functions through unlimited E-map layers.

Smart Detection Zone Search
GKB R407A allows users to specify a certain region of the camera video. if any event that is recorded is found with motion in this region, the event will be listed. This helps locate events of interest very efficiently.