GKB R1608
16-Channel Network Digital Video RecorderGKB R1608 is a standalone digital video recorder (DVR) for use in residential building and business store surveillance installations. GKB R1608 supports integrated solutions with POS system and GPS system, as well as smart Central Management Software (CMS) to manage DVRs with ease, and monitor DVR with3G mobile phone or PDA phone.FEATURES:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Smart Detection Zone Search
GKB R1608 allows users to specify on a certain region of the
camera video. If any event that is recorded is found with
motion in this region, the event will be listed. This helps find
the required event very efficiently.

H.264 Video Compression
GKB R1608 features advanced H.264 video compression for
superior video resolution. The high compression ratio H.264
consumes less HDD space than MPEG-4 video.

3G/GPRS Mobile Phone Surveillance
GKB R1608 provides remote surveillance with 3G/GPRS
mobile phone or PDA phone, without need of installing any
software. Just key in the IP address, and you will start

Full D1 Resolution
GKB R1608 provides full D1 resolution no matter for record or
playback, provides the users the most choices for
configurable image quality. Real time live display also
available for all cameras.

Hyper Interactive E-Map
GKB R1608 features Hyper E-Map function allows users to
customized E-Map and E-Map objects to fulfill customized
needs. It provides multi-task managerial functions by
unlimited layer of E-Map.

Easy control by jog shuttle
When Playback, Fast-Forwarding and Rewind ability include.