Regular Camera Samsung SHC 745
Samsung SHC 745
The SHC-745 is a camera that is ideal for most challenging low light applications. Using a 1/2" Ex-view CCD sensor and a built-in SV-IV DSP chipset, the SHC-745 produces the best quality images, anytime and anywhere. The SHC-745 generates ultra clear 560TV lines color pictures.
Zoom Pan Tilt Samsung SOC4030
Samsung SOC4030
- 1/3" Sony Super HAD color CCD
- Built-in 3X (3~9mm) varifocal lens with
auto iris
- Ultra High Resolution of 530TV lines
Zoom Pan Tilt Samsung SPD-1000
Samsung SPD-1000
1/4" High Resolution, Interior 10X PTZ Camera
Zoom Pan Tilt Samsung SPD-3750
Samsung SPD-3750

1/4" High Performance, WDR 37X PTZ Dome Camera
DVR Samsung SVR 1645
Samsung SVR 1645
The SVR-1645 is a high performance digital video recorder with 16 camera inputs. The DVR comes with a recording rate of 480 frames per second (NTSC) and features CMS management and DVD writer as standard features.
DVR Samsung SVR 1660
Samsung SVR 1660
The SVR-1660 provides a cost effective solution for real-time video recording of up to 16 cameras at CIF (352 x 240) resolution. SVR-1660 is compatible with Samsung"s powerful CMS software giving users the full remote control of the DVR functionality and administration. built-in web server.
DVR Samsung SVR 3200
Samsung SVR 3200
The SVR-3200 provides 32 channels of high resolution real-time video recording capability at half D1 (704 x 240) resolution. The SVR-3200 allows the user to customize the recording setting to achieve real-time full D1 (704 x 480) resolution on selected channels.
DVR Samsung SVR 440
Samsung SVR 440
- Triplex 4 channel video image
and audio storage
- Use of MPEG-4 high performance
compression algorithm (2~3KB)
DVR Samsung SVR 450
Samsung SVR 450
4CH Digital Video Recorder
DVR Samsung SVR 945
Samsung SVR 945
The SVR-945 is a compact and affordably priced 9 channels DVR that can record high quality images in real time with highly efficient advanced MPEG-4 compression. It is equipped with a wide range of smart functions for user convenience and system reliability such as thumbnail search modes, ATM/POS text recording, and easy control with intuitive GUI and mouse interfaces.