Dome Camera SCD L2023RP
750TV Lines High Resolution
0Lux (IR LED on)

Dome Camera SID 45C/46C
SID 45C/46C
The SID-45C/46C series of indoor mini domes are the right choice in applications that call for performance and discreetness at an economical price. The SID-45C/46C employs the W-IIIDSP chip, which offers a Day & Night function to achieve good low light level performance and higher than 530TV lines of image quality for both day and night conditions.
Dome Camera SID 50
SID 50
The SID-50 has multiple features and strengths that are beyond what is expected of a low cost mini dome camera. Premium features, including 540TV lines of resolution and 0.05Lux low light level performance come as standard in a white casing that fits nicely into any environment.
Dome Camera SID-53/53W/56/56W
The SID-53/53W/56/56W are compact high performance cameras that will re-define what you would expect in a low-cost indoor fixed dome. They utilize the latest W-IVDSP engine, which means they offer a lot of performance and functionality that you would normally expect to see in a much higher cost product.
Dome Camera SID-560/560W/562/562W
1/3" High Resolution, WDR Dome Camera
Dome Camera SVD-4400
1/3" High Resolution, Day & Night Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera